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I have had a Physiotherm cabin for nearly a year now and wanted to write and tell you how much I am enjoying using it. Not only is it a haven from the outside world where you can enjoy the light therapy and oils (and your own choice of music!) but I have found that my back has benefitted hugely from the infra red heat. I use the cabin after fitness sessions and it pretty much ensures that I don't ache the day afterwards, pretty impressive. It also keeps my back from regressing which along with exercise has meant that I have only been to my acupuncturist once this year to date, whereas I usually have some niggle or lower back pain most of the time. I haven't had a cold either since we bought the cabin (I do use it regularly). Obviously I'm not sure whether this is due to the cabin but I do feel that the heat/sweat keeps viruses at bay and have boosted my immune system. After sport the cabin is invaluable in terms of recovery times and the whole family can benefit. I would hate to be without it now!

Anna Robertson

Our Infrared cabin has brought new elements into our lives. We love it both, in the evening before going to sleep or in the morning when it is very inspiring and a great way to begin the day. All the various options of coloured lights or even sunlight; music, which can also be own recorded or totally switched off; oil according to mood and temperature according to needs have contributed to improve my state of mind a lot. The IC has helped me to feel very relaxed and lifts me up every time I use it. It was most helpful when I went through a period of great stress recently. Anna Robertson

Dave and Barb

"As to the benefits of using the Physiotherm unit it definitely gives an overall feeling of wellbeing, but in particular one of the most pleasing side effects has been with Barb. Some 15 years ago Barb had Breast Cancer which required an operation to remove a lump and lymph nodes. Two operations where needed because not enough was taken away at first, this meant that where the lymph nodes where taken from (under her arm) was left with no feeling and restricted movement. Despite the passage of the years, and plenty of exercise, golf and plenty of physiotherapy, this had not improved to any degree. The removal of lymph nodes also leads to the accumulation of fluid to the arm affected, since using the Sauna we began to notice a change, firstly the fluid seemed to be reducing and secondly Barb can now move her arm to such an extent that both the appearance and mobility are almost back to normal. This may not be totally a good thing because I find it hard enough to beat her at golf as it is! As to the unit, as you know we looked long and hard at all the manufacturers we could find before deciding on the Physiotherm, deciding that the unit looked the best due mainly to the build quality, the information provided on your web site and in particular the type of heaters fitted. We are both delighted with our choice and would recommend the unit to anyone thinking of buying a sauna unit of any type. Kind regards and thanks for all your help."

Monica Meadows

"My husband purchased a Physiotherm infrared sauna, and the results we have both experienced from its use are such that I feel I must write and let you know. After the first week or so the most noticeable effect was that our skin cleared of imperfections and felt smooth and silky to the touch. Although now getting on in life we are both quite active. We both play golf and attend fitness classes twice a week. My husband is also a rugby referee. After several months use we both noticed how much more supple we felt, accompanied by a feeling of health and general well being. Since a young girl I have regularly suffered from severe headaches/migraine normally at least every couple of weeks, and have been attending a chiropractor to ease shoulder and neck tension which was deemed to be the cause. Since day one of using the sauna I have only had one minor headache, and have now ceased attending the chiropractor. The relief is enormous, as anyone who has suffered from migraines will testify. My husband, while generally enjoying very good health, has for the last few years suffered rheumatism to the base joint of both thumbs, a common happening for someone of his age. He now tells me that this has entirely disappeared. However, I think the most remarkable thing, and which has impressed us most, is that for several years I have been monitoring both our blood pressures. While both my systolic and diastolic pressures have dropped by some ten points, that of my husband, who I have to say does not help himself by drinking more than the recommended units of alcohol per week, has dropped from an average of 185 over 95 to 147 over 74 - a quite remarkable reduction, and one which has been constant now for several months. Thank you once again for introducing us to Physiotherm infrared therapy; we are certainly telling all our friends of its benefits."

Carole Caplin

“As part of my preparation for a documentary series filmed at high altitude in the Chilean Andes I wanted to utilise the very best of leading edge technology at my disposal to give me every chance of success and see what was out there that could help me in this endeavour while being relevant to daily life back here in smoggy, groggy, London. Through my work as a health and fitness consultant and columnist I had come across the benefits of deep acting Infrared Therapy for enhancing body health. I knew that infrared was a beneficial form of energy that stimulated optimum circulation and detoxification through sweat production. But I also knew that as with most things in life, quality counts and I wanted to use the very best equipment on the market. It did not take long to realise that the best quality of infrared therapy comes out of Austria, a country that leads the world in so many aspects of Complimentary Health and Energy Medicine. Leading the field in Austria is Tyrolean manufacturer Physiotherm who have taken the idea of a sauna that uses infrared heat rather than steam and hot air and made it even better. Patented lava-sand heaters offer the most natural and comfortable infrared, the ability to regulate the intensity of the infrared ensures maximum comfort and constant infrared exposure ensures the bodies cells are being stimulated the entire session, these features all make a real difference to the quality of the experience. On installing a Physiotherm Rondo cabin in my apartment I found it easy to use it as part of my training. Certainly the Infrared Therapy it provided was a really integral aspect of optimizing my health before leaving for Santiago. I was training hard in the gym to be at peak fitness to maximise my endurance capabilities. My training also included an altitude training machine to prepare my body for lower levels of oxygen in the thinner atmosphere of the high Andean peaks, lower oxygen levels thus making it even harder to deal with the inevitable build up of lactic acid from any aching limbs. Luckily the Physiotherm had astonishing results. The amazing ability of the Physiotherm Infrared to help my body shift lactic acid from my muscles and increase oxygen supply to my brain I believe played a crucial role in helping me to maintain my intense level of training, without it I know I would have struggled more and my recovery would have been a lot slower. There is no doubt that the benefits of Physiotherm infrared therapy take the idea of heat therapy to a totally different level. For those of you who are not training to live at altitude! You may be tempted to think it is not relevant for you, think again because the same circulation boosting and detoxing attributes make it a perfect restorative for those who have overindulged the night before, which must be most of the capital at this festive time of year! And its pain relief and de-stress capabilities are the stuff of legend. Unlike most therapies or treatments, which tend to be very specific in their application what I love about the Physiotherm is the great range of benefits that I received, not only were my muscles not aching as much but my skin was softer and smoother after every session and with the aromatherapy, colourtherapy and music used within the cabin all helping to promote deep relaxation I slept like a baby.” Carole Caplin Columnist and Health and Fitness Consultant, UK

Gavin Henson

I am a great believer in Physiotherm Infrared Therapy. I use the Physiotherm Infared Therapy Cabin as part of my training regime, for 40 minutes at a time. After a game of rugby it helps to alleviate my muscular aches and pains. In addition, it helps me sweat out the toxins that build up in the body and makes me feel very relaxed both mentally and physically. I tend to go into the Cabin at least twice a week, but if I have had a tough training session I use it straight afterwards. It is truly a vital part of my training and fitness regime and definitely helps me keep ahead of the game and the other players on pitch. Gavin Henson Welsh Rugby International Player

AP Mc Coy

“Using the Physiotherm Infrared Cabin at home over the past few months I have been amazed by how effective it has been for promoting a really deep sweat, to control my weight, at such low temperatures. I’ve always avoided saunas before due to the intensity of heat, but this is a totally different experience. What I have found most beneficial is the soothing effect the Physiotherm’s infrared heat has on the aches and pains that I have accrued over the years as a jockey, I feel it could help me stay in my best shape and definitely recommend it as an aid to maintaining a healthy body.” AP McCoy Record breaking 10 times Champion National Hunt Jockey, UK

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